Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

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All projects of the Vallarta Garden Club are funded by private donations, and without your support, our work would not be possible. All donations are welcome and we have designed many giving levels so that everyone can participate in our mission. 

Annual Donations

To cover maintenance expenses and fund new projects, many members make annual donations to the Vallarta Garden Club. Though all gifts are made in pesos, when compared against an equivalent amount in USD most gifts range in increments such as $100, $250, $500 and $1,000. Click here to contact us to arrange a donation level or schedule. 

Remembrance Tiles

Would you like to memorialize a loved one, a special friend or beloved pet? A remembrance tile from Vallarta Garden Club is a wonderful tribute and the funds help us beautify Vallarta. The cost is $5,200 pesos. We can both design the tile and help you choose a permanent  location among one of our hundreds of planter boxes. Click here to reserve your remembrance tile.