Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

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In 2010, the Vallarta Garden Club worked with the city to install planter boxes on Basilio Badillo.  From that partnership came what you now see on Basilio Badillo; Olas Altas; Pino Suarez; the Mercado and other Old Town areas. 

In 2012, circular planting holes were made in sidewalks on Insurgentes, Ave Vallarta, and Ave Mexico, etc.,  The Vallarata Garden Club added more trees and more bougainvillea.  The vision of a “Bougainvillea Capital” started to coalesce.

We’ve also donated many of the plants and bougainvillea in Lazaro Cardenas park, introduced garden spaces along the Rio Cuale and installed little pockets of flora in quiet spaces throughout the Zona Romantica and Centro areas. The future of Puerto Vallarta is bright and it will be brighter with ongoing beautification and diligent maintenance. 

If you are interested in making Puerto Vallarta more beautiful, tourist friendly and increasingly prosperous, through planter tile sponsorship, annual donations,  volunteerism or membership,  please complete the Contact form on our link here on our site.